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SVM Shelters offer a comprehensive portfolio of villas and apartments in Chennai's finest locations. Nobody opens the doors to better homes in Chennai than SVM Shelters, especially if you are contemplating a retreat to the suburbs of this fascinating city. 'SVM' has grown steadily since its inception focusing in creating apartments – homes – that closely mirror the aspirations of customers.

All our projects are certified by leading structural engineers. We use the world-class building materials and partner with the best minds in the business. We have endeavored to commit ourselves to providing a lifestyle backed by the highest standards of construction, design ethics, product quality and the best of amenities and facilities.

A unique characteristic of SVM Shelter is that at any given point, we cater to all strata's of society, offering housing opportunities to the lower and middle income groups as well as the elite.

Reliable, Honest, Value for money — this is how our customers describe us.

A great deal of work goes into each of our homes, which are designed by the best architects and built by the finest craftsmen. We pay painstaking attention to every detail, and work to ensure that each project is completed on time.

From the moment you enter our office as a prospective buyer to when you take possession of your dream home, you will feel the difference, in the way your dreams are realized. Some say it is our professionalism. We call it our attitude.

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Pallikarani SVM Shelters


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